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Q: How do I enroll my beginner child in a class?

A:  If your child is a beginner, please click on the Beginners tab under classes for complete enrollment instructions.

Q: How do I enroll my child in class if he or she has taken dance previously?

A:  If your child has Irish dance experience, please email us so we can determine the proper level your child should be placed in. 

Q: Can I come to watch a class?

A:  You and your child are very welcome to come observe a class.  Please email us to set up a time and date so you can come watch a class that is appropriate for your child's level.  

Q: Does Dillon-Gavin accept non-competitive dancers?

A:  At Dillon-Gavin, we have a very strong competitive dancer base.  We are committed to sharing our love of dance and our skills with your children, whether they choose to compete or not.

Q: What should my child wear to class?

A:  Children should wear athletic clothing such as shorts an a t-shirt. Long pants may be worn only if tight leggings. Beginners may wear socks or tennis shoes until they own soft shoes. 

Q: I am an adult, what should I wear to class?

A:  Adults should wear any athletic clothing in which they feel comfortable dancing, moving, and sweating. 

Q: What in the world is an Oireachtas?

A:  The Oireachtas is the regional competition held annually in late November in the Mid America region and other regions across the country. This competition consists of highly skilled dancers who have had years of training. Dillon-Gavin has a huge amount of success every Oireachtas with Champion and Podium dancers.

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